[texpoint-users] Feature request

Martin Halle martin.halle at gmx.net
Sun Jun 18 04:18:42 PDT 2006

Dear all,

after using TeXPoint for some time now I don't understand how I could
ever work without it. Great product!
Anyway, I've got a feature request that could increase productivity even
more: I personally see the following important modes for LaTeX displays:

1.) The simple "$-$" environment (the default)
2.) A \begin{equation}    - \end{equation} environment
3.) A \begin{displaymath} - \end{displaymath} environment

The first one I'm using to "plot" simple LaTeX constucts, like variables
or similar. The second one I use if I want to number my equations
(and/or align them in a way). The third one I use if e.g. I still want
to align the formulas but don't want to have them numbered. The
displaymath environment I usually prefer over "$-$" because it has a
better formatted output (e.g. \sum has its "from" and "to" above and
below the sum symbol).

Now what I really like is the "New Eq" button in the toolbar. This
offers the most quick access to add a TeXPoint formula and I use it most
of the time.

My feature request is to enhance this button (e.g. to a drop-down menu)
and offer a quick "equation" and "displaymath" environment, too. I guess
it would be a simple as to change the automatically generated "$-$"
environment to "equation" or "displaymath". There are drop-down buttons
in other toolbars that offer a "default" which still could be the "$-$"
environment - so the usual button behaviour would be the same.

How do you think about that?

With best regards, Martin Halle.

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