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If you look in the log you will see that you do not have Ghostscript
properly installed. It looks like your configuration specifies the
Ghostscript command as "C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsw32c" but that
command does not exist. Do you have Ghostscript? Where is it? If it is in
the PATH (recommended, but not likely seeing your PATH) then you should
replace the configuration command with "gswin32c". 


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I can't seem to get TexPoint configured properly. The problem seems to be
with tex2bmp, but I don't know. I tried using the internal tex2bmp, and not
using it. Either way I am getting the following error:



Tex2bmp: Shell command failed for <ghostscript> execution


Any suggestions? 

Thanks, chris


Here is the information in my Configure/Information window:


TexPoint Configuration Information


Version: 2.8.1 (Win) (March 10, 2006)

Licensing:  - Unlicensed

running as AddIn: TexPoint

TexPoint path: C:\Program Files\TexPoint\

TEXPOINTINI environment variable: 

Global Configuration File: C:\Program Files\TexPoint\TexPoint.ini

Presentation path: E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars\

Presentation name: StrategicIncompatibility012.ppt

current path: E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars


PowerPoint 11.0 (Build 6564) on Windows (32-bit) 5.01


PATH variable: C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Program Files\MATLAB71\bin\win32;C:\Program
\wbem;C:\Program Files\MATLAB71\bin\win32;C:\Program


tex2bmp not found

***** Looking for latex (C:\texmf\miktex\bin\latex)

*** Output of command C:\texmf\miktex\bin\latex -version is (error code 0)



E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars>"C:\texmf\miktex\bin\latex" -version 

MiKTeX-e-TeX 2.4.1986 (2.2) (MiKTeX 2.4)

TeX is copyright (C) 1982 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are reserved. e-TeX is
copyright (C) 1994,98 by the NTS team;  all rights are reserved.

TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society. e-TeX and NTS are
trademarks of the NTS group.



***** Looking for dvips (C:\texmf\miktex\bin\dvips)

*** Output of command C:\texmf\miktex\bin\dvips -version is (error code 0)



E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars>"C:\texmf\miktex\bin\dvips" -version 

This is dvips(k) 5.94b Copyright 2004 Radical Eye Software



***** Looking for Ghostscript (C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsw32c)

  Error running Ghostscript!

*** Output of command C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsw32c -version is
(error code 1)



E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars>"C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsw32c"

'"C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsw32c"' is not recognized as an internal
or external command,

operable program or batch file.



***** Looking for pstoedit

*** Output of command C:\Program Files\TexPoint\pstoedit.exe -gstest is
(error code 0)



E:\ATMS\Incompatibility\Seminars>"C:\Program Files\TexPoint\pstoedit.exe"

pstoedit: version 3.33 / DLL interface 108 (build Jun  7 2003 - debug build)
: Copyright (C) 1993 - 2003 Wolfgang Glunz

now calling the interpreter via: C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\bin\gsdll32.dll

-IC:\Program Files\gs\gs8.53\lib;C:\Program Files\gs\fonts;C:\Program







Interpreter finished. Return status 0





Christopher R. Knittel                    

Department of Economics                      email: crknittel at ucdavis.edu
<BLOCKED::mailto:crknittel at ucdavis.edu> 

University of California, Davis                phone: 530-752-3344



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