[texpoint-users] feature request

Ofer Strichman ofers at ie.technion.ac.il
Sat Jul 22 12:28:00 PDT 2006

Hi George, 
Thank you for a great software!

Two feature requests/suggestions.

1. Suppose I want to write math in inline mode, and use math-latex font for this, in a specifc color (typically black, so it is compatible with the default Tex display color which I also use). 
This is not so easy today, because cmmi only includes letters, and not other symbols. For example, if my formula is: 
x + y = z
I have to do alt-x-m separately on each of x, y and z. This is because if I mark the whole equation (or use the macro \cmm around all of it} , then the '+' and '=' signs turn into something else.

Ideally I would want to mark the equation, press  alt-x-something and it will turn all letters into \cmm, and also color the whole thing with some predefined color.

2. In the new version the alt-x-m is not available anymore (need to go through another submenu), although for me this is the most frequently used one. Why not put less used options in submenus?

Thanks again, 
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