[texpoint-users] Tip and suggestions

Andreas Glatz glatz at anl.gov
Fri Aug 11 09:13:12 PDT 2006

The default source for TexPoint displays can be configured individually
(see manual for details).
Setting the text width should not have any effect on equations, unless
they are numbered.
TexPoint uses always a tight bounding box for displays.

1. this is a property of the text boxes in the Microsoft Forms extension
of Visual Basic. Unfortunately mouse wheel events are not supported in
the current version 2.0 (used in Office XP, 2003, X or 2004).
2. TexPoint waits until the external editor process terminates before
TexPoint gets the focus back, so you have to save&quit. This might be
not the most convenient solution for multi-file editors like WinEdt or
UltraEdit, but seems to be the most reliable. But we put it on our to-do
3. it always existed: click on "History" in the documentation or go to


Juan MR Parrondo wrote:
> The tip:
> I prefer the article style of latex rather than slitex.
> I've got the best results using the following default latex source:
> \documentclass{article}\pagestyle{empty}
> \textwidth 7 cm
> \begin{document}
> \noindent
> \end{document}
> The parameter textwidth is useful to properly locate the displayed
> equations.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> The suggestions:
> 1.- It would be nice if the mouse scroll wheel would work in the edit
> window.
> 2.- I would like the external editor to work only by saving and not quitting
> (or may I don't understand how it works?).
> 3.- A list of changes in each release.
> Juan MR Parrondo

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