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Subject: [texpoint-users] EMF color in Display Mode; Latex source
wrappers;B&W printing issue
My setup:  TexPoint 2.11.2 with Power Point 2003 under Windows XP Pro,
supported by MikTeX 2.5.2412 and gs 8.14.  I performed a default install and
am trying out Outline (EMF) format in Display Mode.

1) My PowerPoint template renders regular text in white over a colored
background when slides are viewed onscreen.  But Edit TexPoint Display /
Make display renders my symbols black by default.  I need to change to
white.  From the TexPoint manual I can guess that as with the bitmap
formats, EMF format requires I change the LaTeX source wrapper in the Edit
Latex Display dialogue box from 

\documentclass{article} \pagestyle{empty} \begin{document}<my


\documentclass{article} \pagestyle{empty} \usepackage{color}
\begin{document} \color{white}   <my source>\end{document}

This seems to work, but is it the proper method?  (One problem: when
printing slides, the regular text goes black, the background goes white, but
my EMF output stays white, and hence disappears.)

[George Necula] 

This is almost the proper method. The only problem is that it is not a good
idea to use straight white as the foreground color. You should use
\color[rgb]{0.9,0.9,0.9} instead (see the FAQ). 

The printing problem seems to be unrelated to TexPoint. See your Powerpoint
settings. In general, it does not seem to be a good idea to print black
background, so perhaps PPT has some special handling for this, which of
course it is not smart enough to apply to images. 

 2) From (1) it seems every initial Latex source wrapper must include
\usepackage{color}and \color{white}.  Also, I need \documentclass{slides}
instead of \documentclass{article} everywhere.  I believe there is no
Configuration/Preferences entry to change the default wrapper, so it seems I
must uninstall TexPoint and do a custom reinstall.  Correct?

[George Necula] 

No need to reinstall TexPoint. Read the manual for the configuration option
that sets the template. 

 3) But even then, in order to print slides without the problem mentioned in
(1) it would be even better to be able to (a) globally toggle all the
embedded source wrappers between \color{white} and \color{black}, and (b)
re-render my entire PPT document in a single step.  Currently is there any
efficient way to handle this printing setup issue?

[George Necula] You can reprocess all displays in a batch, but not change
them automatically the way you want. 

 4) FYI my PowerPoint buttons are sometimes locked after going into and out
of the Edit TexPoint Display dialogue.  To unlock them I need to minimize
my PowerPoint window and reopen it.  So Im worried a big session might
crash.  I also noticed that when my PowerPoint session has an open Edit
TexPoint Display dialogue, then when everything goes behind another window
and is brought back, half the time only the Edit TexPoint Display dialogue
comes forward.

[George Necula] This is a problem that I would like to understand better.
When you press Make Bitmap, it is normal to have to wait a bit, especially
if this is the first time you press than button in a while. While Make
Bitmap is working it is normal for the other PPT functions to stop working.
It is also normal for the first time you press Edit TexPoint Display to take
a few seconds. This is when TexPoint initializes itself. But this should not
happen anymore in the same PPT session. 

 Thanks for TexPoint.  It is sorely needed.


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