[texpoint-users] TexPoint/Configure dialog ? can?t find OK & CANCEL buttons

Andreas Glatz glatz at anl.gov
Tue Aug 15 13:36:16 PDT 2006


the configure dialog should only be about 640 pixels high @ the 96dpi
Windows-"normal size". Did you change the default Windows font size (or
is your screen resolution so low???)?
two more remarks:
1. to change the default display latex source you can also edit the
"default.tex" file in the TexPoint installation directory directly
(create it if it does not exist).
2. when you are in an TexPoint editor or the configuration dialog and
switch to another application and then back, it is normal that only the
dialog is on top and the slide "behind" the application you just
switched to - at least sometimes... This happens to all VBA UserForms,
but should not be of any consequence. When a UserForm is open all
PowerPoint functions (e.g. menus&toolbars) are disabled, but they should
work again after it is closed (?).


Doug_& Margaret wrote:
> Hi -
> FYI texpoint.necula.org/manual.html#configuration states:
> “For configuration, open the TexPoint/Configure dialog … Changes take
> only effect if the button "Apply" is pressed and finally saved only if
> the "OK" button is chosen to close the Configuration dialog.”
> Unfortunately my TexPoint/Configure dialog is non-resizeable and seems
> too big. Even if I drag this dialog to the top of my screen as far as
> it can go, I only see the APPLY button. I.e. the OK & CANCEL buttons
> aren’t visible.
> My setup: {TexPoint 2.11.2 – default install, MikTeX 2.5.241, gs 8.14}
> + {PowerPoint 2003, WinXP Pro}.
> Doug

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