[texpoint-users] how to best obtain embedded fonts for both inlineand display modes

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   The font embedding feature is not as clear as it should be. Most of it is
very new also. The surest thing is to Make sure that you manually save the
presentation with True Type fonts embedded. However, there is a huge bug in
Powerpoint that makes it not notice the fonts that are used in the EMF
displays. The latest version (2.11.2) has a "workaround" that inserts a text
box at the bottom of the first slide, with one character from each font used
in EMF displays. The presence of those characters will allow PPT to notice
and save the fonts. 


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Subject: [texpoint-users] how to best obtain embedded fonts for both
inlineand display modes

I am using Inline Mode.  Im also using Display mode with Outline (EMF}
format set.

I want to use Embedded Fonts so that my presentations are machine
independent.  I am sorry but I am a bit thick-headed when reading manuals
and juggling the concepts, and as a result am confused as to how to best
accomplish this.

Under Options for inline mode the manual lists the parameter EMBED
FONTS.  But if I look at this parameter under
TexPoint/Configure/Preferences it has the description Embed fonts (inline
mode and emf), which suggests this setting applies to both inline and
display modes.  Yet the default value of this parameter is OFF, whereas
elsewhere under Using EMF Displays (Windows only) the manual states
Whenever you make an EMF display TexPoint will turn on Powerpoint "embed
true type fonts".  Is this true even when EMBED FONTS is OFF (per my
default installation)?  If so, why would it be natural to not embed fonts
for inline mode by default, but always embed them for display mode?

Also, its not clear why I would need to ever consider setting "File/Save
As/Tools/Save Options/Embed TrueType Fonts/Embed all characters".  Is it
simply to override without thinking whatever TexPoint is otherwise doing for
Inline mode and Display mode?

Hopefully my questions will soon be over.


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