[texpoint-users] Uninstalled fonts for picture environments.

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   I will look into the Iine10 and lcircle10 fonts. Our outline font
collection is almost complete, but as you can see it is still missing some


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I tried some latex commands in my PPT TexPoint Displays under the
\begin{picture}  \end{picture} environment. 

To embed all fonts for my other equation-style EMF displays, Im using EMF
format.  I am also setting File/SaveAs/ Tools/ SaveOptions/
EmbedTrueTypeFonts/ EmbedAllCharacters as recommended.

Unfortunately when saving my document Im getting the warning that Some of
my fonts cannot be saved: LCIRCLE10 and LINE10 : Not installed. 

BTW this warning occurs even if my document only consists of picture
displays and all such displays have been switched to bitmaps.  (I cant use
bitmap anyway because it makes all my graphics lines very gray whereas under
EMF format the lines and plotted symbols correctly match the degree of
whiteness of the symbols in my purely equation-style displays.)

Tturning off embedded fonts under File/SaveAs makes this warning go away.
However, I really want to save with embedded fonts to be safe.

I suppose there's no help for this under the File/SaveAs/Tools/ SaveOptions/
EmbedTrueTypeFonts.. scheme if there are no TrueType fonts corresponding to

My setup:   {TexPoint 2.11.2  default install, MikTeX 2.5.241, gs 8.14} +
{PowerPoint 2003, WinXP Pro}.


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