[texpoint-users] serious TexPoint problem

Andreas Glatz glatz at anl.gov
Fri Aug 18 08:37:53 PDT 2006

Hi Doug,

the message you received about EMF displays is displayed when TexPoint
cannot verify that the external program "pstoedit" is installed.
Unfortunately in rare occasions it is not found although it is installed
(so far we do not really know why this happens).
It has no further consequences for you and you can continue to use emf
displays - it also does neither mean that PowerPoint is unstable nor
your presentation is corrupted/unusable. Usually restart of PowerPoint
Does a double click open the editor (with this message) or the picture
format dialog?

The behavior after you changed the display format to a bitmap format is
not clear to me:
The old display disappeared and then another one was created on a
different slide? And the source/equation is also different (equal to
another equation)??? This is very strange - is it reproduce-able?

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions for color&displays. We are
currently working on the next major version and with the new (planned)
features you will be able to do all the things (change colors/formats
etc.) for one or many displays easily - but it will not be released in
the near future (probably not before the release (candidates) of Office


Doug_& Margaret wrote:
> Hi
> I have still been seeing the problem that my PowerPoint buttons are
> sometimes locked after going into and out of the “Edit TexPoint
> Display” dialogue. It happens even when I hit the Cancel or
> FinishLater buttons. I.e. I am always careful to wait for the dialogue
> to finish and close. To unlock the PowerPoint buttons I need to
> minimize my PowerPoint window and reopen it. So I’m still worried a
> big session might crash and I would loose my work.
> Indeed today I had a crash. What I first noticed is that when my
> powerpoint buttons were locked and I double clicked on a TexPoint
> display object I got a powerpoint “Format picture” dialogue instead of
> the “Edit TexPoint Display” dialogue. To get this to go away I believe
> I used the TexPoint pull down menu. But now /whenever/ I go into “Edit
> TexPoint Display” (either by double clicking or by pulldown) up pops
> this message:
> “The display was produced using EMF but your installation does not
> support Outline diplays. Press Ok to continue with another Bitmap
> format. Press Cancel to quite editing this display.”
> I see this for all the other displays in my document, whereas before,
> all my displays were editable in the normal fashion.
> BTW in the “Edit TexPoint Display” dialogue, the Outline(EMF) Format
> selection is still present.
> This funny behavior persists when I save,close and reopen the
> document. Hence my document is now corrupted and unuseable.
> Also, there was another corruption: I opened a slightly involved
> TexPoint display (again giving with the above error message) and
> switched from Outline format to a Bitmap format and then hit Make
> display. The result was my original display disappeared and was
> replaced by a copy of another display located on a different slide.
> Doug

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