[texpoint-users] Tip and suggestions

Juan MR Parrondo parrondo at fis.ucm.es
Sat Aug 19 06:20:48 PDT 2006

>>> Setting the text width should not have any effect on equations, unless
>>> they are numbered.
>> It does have an effect if you use \[  \] environment. I'm using this
>> environment when I want to write text and equations all in latex.
>I do not really see how it can have an effect (unless the text width is
>less than the equation length). (?)

The effect is important if you have text and equations.
This is an example of latex code:

\textwidth 6 cm
In the stationary regime:
 \sum_j J_{j\to i}^{st}=0 

The \texwidth option determines the location of the equation with respect to
the text. The reason is that the text is always left-justified, whereas the
equation is centred with respect to \textwidth. If you increase \textwidth
the equation moves to the right.


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