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   The FAQ discusses this issue. Here is the summary. The only problem you
could have is with fonts for the symbols used in the inline mode and with
the fonts used in EMF displays. If you do not use EMF displays then all
youhave to do is to make sure you "save with fonts included". If you use EMF
displays the same procedure should be sufficient, thanks to a few recent
hacks on our part to work around Powerpoint stupidity. However, these hacks
are still in "beta". 
 Bottom line, all you need is some extra care when you save the presentation
for moving to another computer. 


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I am considering TexPoint for purchase and had a quick question.  Will the
equations I create using TexPoint show up on other machines if they do not
have TexPoint installed?  Just worried if I create the equations and then go
to a conference where I'm not allowed to use my machine.  Thank you.




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