[texpoint-users] Pending PowerPoint Process

Prof. Ferdinand Svaricek ferdinand.svaricek at unibw-muenchen.de
Fri Jul 18 07:49:48 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I have the same problem with Powerpoint 2000 and Texpoint as Pierre and Jaap. 
My hope was, that the problem is solved with the new Texpoint version 3.2.1.
Unfortunately, this is not case.

I can add the following observations: 

    * The error message does not appear when I unload Texpoint before
      closing PP.
    * If the error message appears the PP customization file "ppt.pcb"
      is not updated.

Anything new about this topic?

Ferdinand Svaricek

Pierre Savéant wrote on Thursday, October 25, 2007:

> Hi there,
> We bought several licences of texpoint recently and got the same 
> problem as Jaap.leguijt at shell.com <http://lists.texpoint.necula.org/listinfo.cgi/users-texpoint.necula.org>: Weird behaviour of PowerPoint 
> (sent on AUG. 29, 2007)
> I have follow you instructions to install Texpoint Version 3.1.2 (Win) 
> (released September 23, 2007) 
> for Office 2000 (PowerPoint 2000 SP3 (9.0.6620))
> and checked that the EMF graphic Converter is intalled,
> and got a message when leaving Powerpoint saying it detected an error 
> that it cannot solve.
> The problem is when you invoked again PowerPoint it does not show up.
> Looking closely, we found out that there is still a process running 
> (POWERPNT.EXE) that you have to kill by hand (each time, even if you 
> did not use Texpoint).
> Thanks,
> Jaap Leguijt wrote on Wednesday, August 29, 2007:
> >/ Yesterday, I installed the PowerPoint plug in TexPoint for Office 2000.
> />/ After some while I got it working but now PowerPoint has a strange
> />/ behaviour. If I start PowerPoint, all thing work correct. I am able to
> />/ create a TexPoint display and the results look promising. However, when I
> />/ exit PowerPoint, it come with the message: "PowerPoint found an error that
> />/ it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart
> />/ PowerPoint". If I do so, after restarting PowerPoint, the TexPoint menu does
> />/ not appear. If I close PowerPoint and start it again, the TexPoint menu is
> />/ still gone, bit now, a PowerPoint process is taking all the CPU time. Only
> />/ if I kill the PowerPoint  process in the Task Manager, and restart
> />/ PowerPoint again, it behaviour normal until the next exit. It looks as if
> />/ TexPoint is causing PowerPoint to enter some infinite loop. Is there any way
> />/ to correct this behaviour?
> /

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