[texpoint-users] \sum and \underbrace are pixelated in EMF

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  I do not see pixelation, but a font metric problem: there is a gap in the
positioning of the various components of the underbrace. But I do not see
anything bad enough that might make me switch to PNG. I might be able to
solve this by adjusting a bit the character widths, but this kind of hacking
is dangerous because other things might look bad. The fonts that we are
using for TexPoint are produced by Bakoma, but we have manually made some
changes to the metrics (not for the underbrace though). 




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While using \sum or \underbrace{This is a test} in an outline (EMF) mode, I
find that the symbols appear to be pixelated. The sum is not too bad, but
the underbrace looks terrible. I'm having to switch to PNG to get smoother
versions. If anyone has suggestions on how to get smooth EMF fonts for
these, please let me know. I am using TexPoint on WinXP and Office 2007.
Thanks in advance!

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