[texpoint-users] Problems with Texpoint installation

d7q9k5g02 at sneakemail.com d7q9k5g02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Jul 8 16:25:02 PDT 2009

Hello TexPoint users, 

I just purchased a copy of the new version of TexPoint, and I'm having some
problems with installation issues in Office 2007.  I have sent an email to
the authors, but also wanted to see if any other users have had similar
problems.  I'm using a fresh install of the "Basic" configuration of MikTex
2.7 on a machine running Windows XP SP3 with Office 2007 SP2.

As a starting point, I tested the example line of Latex provided in the
TexPoint manual (http://texpoint.necula.org/manual.html):
"\alpha_0 \otimes \beta_{\approx1} \rightarrow^\alpha \Gamma"

1. When I try to Texify that example in Powerpoint, TexPoint does not
produce the correct output. It almost works, but I get a subscripted
infinity, rather than 1.  The sample Latex works fine in a TexPoint Display,

2. The situation is even worse in Word.  There, the Texify command only
converts the first few letters of the sample equation (specifically the
\alpha_0).  If I keep run Texify multiple times, it will do a few more
characters before finally giving up completely.

3. Subscripts are not working in Word using Texify (e.g. the 0 in \alpha_0),
but that appears to be a known bug.

4. Every time I start Word, I have to go into the Add-Ins menu and manually
launch TexPoint.  (TexPoint shows up in a list of available add-ins, but it
doesn't load unless I check the box in front of it.)  This might also be a
known bug, as it looks similar to the forum post at
0302.html.  I have confirmed that the "Disable all macros with notification"
is selected, and I have told Word to trust all macros from this publisher,
but neither has helped.

5. Creating a new Texpoint Display in Word works fine, but if I try to edit
it, I get an error saying "The generation of the external bitmap succeeded,
but could not be imported to PowerPoint...."  (The user in the forum post
from #4 also seemed to be having the same problem.)

If anybody can offer advice on any of these issues, I would greatly
appreciate it!

Many thanks,

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