[texpoint-users] Licence Problem with TexPoint under VMWare

Sabine Dolhs dolhs at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Nov 5 02:28:25 PST 2009


we have installed TexPoint with Windows XP and PowerPoint 2003 on a  
Mac with Dual Boot an all is running fine. This fine running Windows  
is an image on the harddisk, that I can also start with VMWare.  
Windows and PowerPoint is running under VMWare, but from TexPoint  
comes a message, that there is no licence and it is not running. What  
can I do? What is happen with the Windows Image when I register  
TexPoint under VMWare once more? Did I have the Problem then under the  
Dual Boot Windows?

Thanks for any help,
  Sabine Dolhs

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