[texpoint-users] Texpoint run error: HELP

Ritoban Basu Thakur basutha1 at illinois.edu
Sun Feb 14 10:53:27 PST 2010


I installed texpoint before on my 64-bit Win Vista/ office 2007 and it
worked very well. After I reinstalled win-7 it somehow doesn't work
(of course after a clean install of everything). It adds in to Power
point and all. When click on make bitmap/ image. I get the following
error: Error running latex (no txp_fig.dvi was produced) Make sure
Latex is in the PATH Make sure your document generates some output.

Now I have put the latex folder from MikTex into the path. I also have
gs and miktex added in the path. SO I can't understand this error. I
need some help urgently. This "was" an excellent software, I don't
want to switch to BEAMER now for this error.


UIUC, Physics

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