[texpoint-users] Texpoint problems with Windows 64 and office 2010

Roberto Horowitz horowitz at berkeley.edu
Fri Jun 4 19:03:02 PDT 2010

I attempted to install TexPointon office 2010 running on Windows 7 64.
When I attempted to run Powerpoint, I got the following message:

"The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your security 

I proceeded to disable all my antivirus and firewalls (norton UCB). I 
also enabled all macros on powerpoint
and, after attempting to re-run powerpoint,  got the same message.

It seems like powerpoint cannot find texpoint.

BTW, in windows 64 texpoint installs is C:\Program Files (x86)\TexPoint, 
maybe this is part of the problem.

R. Horowitz

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