[texpoint-users] TexPoint 3.3.1 and Office 2010 32bit/64bit

Daybreaker daybreaker12 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 22:50:57 PDT 2010

I've recently upgraded to Office 2010 after seeing release of TexPoint 3.3.1
which supports Office 2010.
On my Windows 7 32bit system, TexPoint was installed upon the previous
installation (3.2.1) and worked with Office 2010 32bit.
It has a problem, however, that the bitmap resolution is not applied
correctly. The default resolution is 1200dpi but the picture is inserted as
72dpi. When I set the options to leave intermediate logs and files, all
generated logs and image files were in correct resolution, so I think there
may be some problems related to image object manipulation in Office 2010.

Even worse on my another Window 7 64bit system with Office 2010 64bit,
TexPoint is installed without warnings, but Powerpoint shows an error
message when starting: "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled
because of your security settings.", as someone noted in this mailing list.
I found TexPoint on the add-on list, but it does not work. I think this is
because the ppam file is built for 32bit only (its installation path is
C:\Program Files (x86)\TexPoint\TexPoint.ppam, and it's impossible to load
32bit DLLs from 64bit executables.).

On both cases, I tried complete reinstallation of TexPoint, but the
situation is still same.
I hope this problem be fixed soon.

Joongi Kim
M.S.Candidate at Advanced Networking Lab, Computer Science Dept. of KAIST (
Creator in TNF & Needlworks (http://needlworks.org)
Personal Website : http://daybreaker.info
EMail : me at daybreaker.info / joongi at an.kaist.ac.kr
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