[texpoint-users] TexPoint on MAC Office 2011

Mariano Mendez mariano at astro.rug.nl
Wed Dec 1 10:16:06 PST 2010


I just installed Office 2011 on my MAC (10.6.5), and wanted to try TexPoint for Mac. But I can only download either the Office X or Office 2004 version. No Office 2011 available. I tried the 2004 version, follow the automatic installer, and everything seemed fine. But when I run Powerpoint I get a warning saying that I installed the 2004 version on Office ???? (question marks), and that I should install the proper one.

I looked in Tools > Addins > etc., and texpoint is there and ticked, but I have no menu for texpoint in powerpoint.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. 

(If I get it running, I’d be happy to pay the license fee)



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