[texpoint-users] can't run on machines without texpoint installed

George Necula necula at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 19 10:15:15 PDT 2012


   This is not a problem with Ghostscript, but with font embedding.
You say that you installed and uninstalled texpoint and the problem
persists. The problem appears only on machines with no texpoint
installed, right? BTW, you can install the free version of texpoint on
any machine and that should fix the problem.

   I am not sure why the font embedding does not work in your PPT. You
must check the "embed fonts" when you save the presentation on a
machine that has texpoint (and the fonts). The alternative is to
recreate the displays with a PNG format, but it will not look as nice.


On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 7:29 AM, Stephen Morse <AS.Morse at yale.edu> wrote:
> I've had texpoint 3.2.1 on a 64 bit Vista machine running powerpoint 2007
> for three years.  Although everything has been fine so long as
>  I've run powerpoint on other machines with texpoint installed,  on machines
> without texpoint, many things do not display properly thereby rendering some
> recent presentations disasters.  I figured out today that I should not have
> been using ghost script 64 on my machine and today changed to ghost script
> 32,  but this has not fixed the problem.  I have completely removed gs 64 by
>  an uninstall followed by a deletion of all gs program files.  Additionally
>  after installing gs 32 I have done an uninstall and reinstall of texpoint,
> using an installer downloaded from your site.  The problem persists.  I am
> aware of the font embed issues mentioned at your site and have tried to
> follow all instructions.
> The "Read the TexPoint manual before you delete this box.: AAA,A"  appears
> just below the slide window as it should.  I have checked off
> "embed all characters"  in the powerpoint save options.    Any suggestions
> on what the problem may be?
> I'm in a bit of a panic as I have to deliver 20 hours of powerpoint lectures
> in France next month and have a long way to go in getting ready.
> So any help you can provide will be much appreciated.
> thanks so much,
> steve morse
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