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   TexPoint should be upwards compatible. Normally, when you install the
latest version the previous versions are uninstalled automatically but it
does not hurt to uninstall manually first if you want. 
  I have no experience with TrueTex, but what you should be doing is to
verify whether you can run "latex" and "dvips" from a MSDOS command line
window. If you can then you should not need to do anything else. If you
cannot then you have two options: put in the PATH the directory where the
TrueTex versions of these commands live, or configure TexPoint to specify
the path to these commands (see the Configuration section in the manual). 
  If you figure it out, and there is more to it than I said above, let us
know so we can update the FAQ. 


From: Bo-Yin Yang [mailto:moscito at gmail.com] 
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 12:06 AM

Thanks!  I have two questions.  Is TeXPoint upward compatible, i.e. can I
expect everything to work correctly if I had a prior version of TeXPoint and
then buy the newest version -- should I uninstall and install?  What else
should I do?  A second and more tangential question -- how do I use TrueTeX
/ Scientific Workplace as the LaTeX installation of TeXPoint, do you know? 
-- Bo-Yin

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