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Andreas Glatz glatz at anl.gov
Fri Mar 24 09:26:19 PST 2006


 which PowerPoint Version are you using (X or 2004)? 
Can you enter anything in the "New Latex Equation" box and do the buttons work?
Does the insertion mark appear in the text area?
If there is a focus problem, try to double-click into the text area before typing.

The "Alt+<something>" keyboard commands do not work on Macs - that is a MS-Windows feature.

The TexPoint.mac is in the same folder as the TexPoint Add-In. If it is missing it should be created after the first use of TexPoint unless you do not have the permission to create/edit files in this folder.
(Do you see the read-only info in the configuration dialog?)
Are you Administrator of the Mac? Where is it installed? (the content of the information box in the configuration dialog might be helpful for us.)


Karianne Holhjem wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed TexPoint on my Mac, but I can't get the display mode to
> work in a way that I can't write anything in the box that pops up when
> clicking "New TeX Display". Which again makes it impossible to create any
> equations.. Does anybody know the solution to that problem?
> Also, the keyboard commands don't work, is this a Mac problem?
> Where can I find the Global Configuration File, TexPoint.mac, to change
> the mode from read-only to make me able to change it?
> Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Karianne Holhjem
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