[texpoint-users] a weird error message

Lie-Quan Lee liequan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 21:26:31 PST 2006

On 3/27/06 9:20 PM, "Andreas Glatz" <glatz at anl.gov> wrote:

> Lie-Quan Lee wrote:
>> I guess that it the because the path returned from PP is not usable in
>> the AppleScript due to FileVault.
> I have to admit that I never used FileVault, but I thought it just
> encrypts the home folder, but you do not actually see a difference in
> the Finder...
> (I use an encrypted dmg file, which seems to be much more flexible to me).
I strongly suspect it is FileVault because quite a few things doe not work
well any more after I started to use it. I regret to use it but I cannot go
back (no space to convert it back).
>> The full message of running that ptest is:
>> Path: llee:Desktop
>> Name: ptest.ppt
>> FullName: llee:Desktop:ptest.ppt
>> file found 
> That is interesting. For VBA file operations the path seems to be ok,
> but I have to "translate" it to a UNIX path for latex & Co. TexPoint
> does this by replacing the colons by "/" and adding a "/Volumes/" in
> front of it - maybe this is the reason that this translated path does
> not work in your case.
> (does "cd /llee" work in a Terminal shell?)

No, "cd /llee" does not work in terminal. You are right, that translation
does not work because there is no /Volumes/llee.

> In the next version, one can define a temporary working directory for
> external commands. That should solve the problem. My plan is to release
> it during the next two weeks.

That is a good idea. Thanks and I am looking forward to your next release.


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