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   I did not understand much from this discussion but I noticed the end. As
you may know I have added support for running Tex commands in a temporary
directory. This is now enabled if the presentation lives on a //foo/bar
directory. Perhaps you can make that a more generally available option (but
should always be the default for such paths). 

 however, one problem that occurred to me with this is that people might
like to put Latex style files in the directory where they have the
presentation, expecting these files to be available when they make display.
Perhaps users should have the option to select the temporary directory where
commands are run. 


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> On 3/27/06 9:20 PM, "Andreas Glatz" <glatz at anl.gov> wrote:
> > Lie-Quan Lee wrote:
> >> I guess that it the because the path returned from PP is 
> not usable 
> >> in the AppleScript due to FileVault.
> > I have to admit that I never used FileVault, but I thought it just 
> > encrypts the home folder, but you do not actually see a 
> difference in 
> > the Finder...
> > (I use an encrypted dmg file, which seems to be much more 
> flexible to me).
> I strongly suspect it is FileVault because quite a few things 
> doe not work well any more after I started to use it. I 
> regret to use it but I cannot go back (no space to convert it back).
> >> The full message of running that ptest is:
> >> Path: llee:Desktop
> >> Name: ptest.ppt
> >> FullName: llee:Desktop:ptest.ppt
> >> file found
> > That is interesting. For VBA file operations the path seems 
> to be ok, 
> > but I have to "translate" it to a UNIX path for latex & Co. 
> TexPoint 
> > does this by replacing the colons by "/" and adding a 
> "/Volumes/" in 
> > front of it - maybe this is the reason that this translated 
> path does 
> > not work in your case.
> > (does "cd /llee" work in a Terminal shell?)
> No, "cd /llee" does not work in terminal. You are right, that 
> translation does not work because there is no /Volumes/llee.
> > In the next version, one can define a temporary working 
> directory for 
> > external commands. That should solve the problem. My plan is to 
> > release it during the next two weeks.
> That is a good idea. Thanks and I am looking forward to your 
> next release.
> --Rich
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