[texpoint-users] Does TexPointdemo.ppt have the AMSTeX fontsembedded in it?

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   The Texpointdemo.ppt file that is distributed with TexPoint does embed
the TTF fonts that it needs. I am not sure why it does not show correctly in


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> Subject: [texpoint-users] Does TexPointdemo.ppt have the 
> AMSTeX fontsembedded in it?
> Some of the mathematical expressions in the TexPoint demo 
> don't appear to display correctly in OpenOffice.
> Why am I asking?  I'm a Linux user who occasionally has to 
> deal with PowerPoint presentations sent to me by colleagues, 
> who (for reasons I assume all of you know) have endless 
> problems with MathType.  Their problems then become my 
> problems if I want to do anything with their slides.  I would 
> like to recommend TexPoint (at least to those among them who 
> are LaTeX-literate), but when I open the demo presentation 
> from the TexPoint home page in OpenOffice, the illustrative 
> tables of available symbols don't seem to include any except 
> what I'm guessing are the native Windows characters -- and 
> unless this problem has a solution, it won't be useful to me 
> if my colleagues switch to TexPoint.
> (Specifically, all of the pairs of Windows and TeXish Greek 
> letters look suspiciously identical, the calligraphic and 
> blackboard characters are shown as roman, and although many 
> of the miscellaneous 'W' characters are correct, most of the 
> the corresponding 'T' characters are not.)
> If the problem is simply that the AMSTeX fonts should be 
> embedded and have not been, I would be grateful if someone 
> would point me to a copy of the demo in which this has been 
> done (sorry -- I don't use PowerPoint, or I would try this 
> myself).  If there is some other known workaround (for 
> example, something I can do within OpenOffice) this would be 
> even better.  Thanks!
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