[texpoint-users] Does TexPointdemo.ppt have the AMSTeX fonts embedded in it?

George Moody george at mit.edu
Wed May 31 06:25:10 PDT 2006

Some of the mathematical expressions in the TexPoint demo don't appear
to display correctly in OpenOffice.

Why am I asking?  I'm a Linux user who occasionally has to deal with
PowerPoint presentations sent to me by colleagues, who (for reasons I
assume all of you know) have endless problems with MathType.  Their
problems then become my problems if I want to do anything with their
slides.  I would like to recommend TexPoint (at least to those among
them who are LaTeX-literate), but when I open the demo presentation
from the TexPoint home page in OpenOffice, the illustrative tables of
available symbols don't seem to include any except what I'm guessing
are the native Windows characters -- and unless this problem has a
solution, it won't be useful to me if my colleagues switch to TexPoint.
(Specifically, all of the pairs of Windows and TeXish Greek letters look
suspiciously identical, the calligraphic and blackboard characters are
shown as roman, and although many of the miscellaneous 'W' characters
are correct, most of the the corresponding 'T' characters are not.)

If the problem is simply that the AMSTeX fonts should be embedded and
have not been, I would be grateful if someone would point me to a copy
of the demo in which this has been done (sorry -- I don't use PowerPoint,
or I would try this myself).  If there is some other known workaround
(for example, something I can do within OpenOffice) this would be even
better.  Thanks!

George B. Moody
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
MIT Room E25-505A
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

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