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> Subject: [texpoint-users] Two perhaps related problems
> (1) Inline mode problem: texifying   \cmm{p(x,y)}   results in strange
> characters in place of "(" and ")" and ",". I found inline 
> FAQ #3, which seems related, but mine is not a portability 
> problem (yet). My version of Miktex is happy with ams font 
> packages, but it sounds like inline mode does not necessarily 
> rely on the latex engine. If it's a matter of installing more 
> fonts within windows somehow, please err on the side of 
> overly explicit directions...I'm font-challenged.

 \cmm is just a quick-and-dirty macro that turns on the cmmi10 font for all
characters. However, that font does not contain all characters. A better
solution would be to do what $..$ does in Latex: use different fonts for
different characters. I will put it on the todo list to write a correct
version of \cmm. 

 The inline mode in TexPoint DOES NOT use a real latex engine, but a small
one that I wrote. 

> (Quick rant: the frequent font difficulties I encounter 
> baffle me. It's 2006 and we have organ transplantation, 10 
> gig drives the size of credit cards, deep space 
> exploration...but can't get computer fonts to be painless.)

   I agree. I wish this would be much simpler.   

> (2) Display mode problem: display box is empty. I found 
> display FAQ #7, and believe I'm entering source code 
> correctly because the size of the display box changes as one 
> would expect depending on what I enter; the suggested 
> modification to the latex argument also didn't change 
> anything (and I'm not starting with an old presentation 
> anyhow). I also found a thread on this problem, but I am 
> using the latest version of tex point and verified my 
> configuration to have magnification 200.
> ---------------
> I took out the  \input{../../stdlib}  command following the   
> \pagestyle{} 
> command because I don't have any such file...perhaps it 
> should be pointing welsewhere?

   I know nothing about the stdlib stuff. You should take it out. 

> \documentclass{article}
> \pagestyle{empty}
> \begin{document}
> \[
> p(x,y) = f(x,y) + g(x,y)
> \]
> \end{document}
> The only suspicious thing is the dvips output block:
> dvips -D 1200 -E -o "TP_tmp.ps" "TP_tmp.dvi"
> This is dvips(k) 5.94b Copyright 2004 Radical Eye Software 
> (www.radicaleye.com) ' TeX output 2006.06.24:1058' -> TP_tmp.ps
> dvips: Can't make it EPSF, sorry
> <tex.pro><texps.pro>. <cmr10.pfb><cmmi10.pfb>[1]

 This works well for me. It seems that I am using dvips(k) 5.90a (comes with
my miktex). Try removing the -E argument (see configuration options dvips

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