[texpoint-users] Font problems on OS X

Andreas Glatz glatz at anl.gov
Tue Dec 19 09:32:26 PST 2006

If Mac OS X encounters different versions of the same font it disables
them, but you can enable fonts in the "Font Book"
(there are five different locations where Mac OS X looks for fonts:

Do you know which program installed the other versions in you home folder?
In case you had an older TexPoint installation and installed the fonts
there, they might be incompatible with the new fonts, since we changed
the fonts in a recent release.

I do not think there is an easy way to make fonts available only for a
certain application.


On 2006-12-18 23:22, Ken McMillan wrote:
> I just had a bit of a hard time installing TeXPoint on
> my Mac, and thought I would pass along the experience.
> After installation, the LaTeX fonts did not work
> in inline mode (I just got the default font). After poking
> around a bit I discovered that some other application
> had installed copies of the LaTeX fonts (such as cmmi10.ttf)
> in Library/Fonts in my home directory. These were overriding
> the corresponding fonts installed in /Library/Fonts by
> TeXPoint. Somehow these were incompatible (perhaps
> a different encoding?).
> Deleting the LaTeX fonts from my home directory and
> rebooting solved the problem. 
> Perhaps there is a way to install the fonts in such a way that
> they are only visible to Office, to avoid conflicts with other apps?

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