[texpoint-users] [texpoint-authors] Offset setting problem when texifying on 3.1.1for PP2007

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Sun Apr 6 16:28:22 PDT 2008

Hi Mike, 

  I just wanted to let you know that we have a released a new version
(3.2.1) of texpoint that, among other things, contains a bug fix for the
problem you reported. 


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> Subject: [texpoint-authors] Offset setting problem when texifying on
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> Hi, all,
> I installed TexPoint 3.1.1 on Powerpoint 2007 and Windows XP. When I
> did texify with a little bit complicated tex fomulars such as
> a_{b_c}
> the result was not satisfactory. When I tried the above in the way old
> version, Texpoint adjusted offset of the characters such that c look
> like a subscript of b. More specifically, Texpoint set b's offset and
> c's offset to -25% and -50%, respecitvely.
> However, the current version of Texpoint just set the b and c's offset
> to -25% so that c's position and size is the same with b's.
> I guess this is a bug or not-fully implemented/tested texify. If there
> is a way to make texify work as before, let me know. (Thanks in advance
> for this...) I hope this problem is fixed soon.
> Mike
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