[texpoint-users] Error when save embedded fonts on a machine without Texpoint

Lars von Sawilski vonsawilski at uni-kassel.de
Thu Nov 20 07:36:07 PST 2008


i have installed the Texpoint version 3.2.1 and it works fine on my 
machine. But i have a problem when i want to present a Powerpoint-file 
on a machine without installed Texpoint and without installed any other 
kind of LaTeX software. Despite installed EMF-converter and activated 
font embedding the objects inserted with Textpoint have some artefacts 
especially but not only for german umlaute by using the outline emf 
format. When i use the PNG or BMP format it works fine. It seems, that 
this behaviour has something to do with write permissions, since this is 
only observable for an user with limited rights and not with 
adminstrator rights and additional when i open such a presentation with 
limited rights there is an error message like "some of the embedded 
fonts cannot be installed" and this message does not occurs when opening 
the file with administrator rights.

Is it really like this, that i only can watch presentation using the 
outline EMF format on a machine without installed Texpoint/LaTex with 
administrator rights or where is the key to avoid this behaviour?

In which directory typically the fonts will be stored, when opening a 
presentation on such a machine and why is it necessary to save the fonts?

Sincerely Yours, Lars

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