[texpoint-users] TEXPOINT: no display, or very small, empty display

Holger Rootzén hrootzen at chalmers.se
Thu Jun 18 06:23:42 PDT 2009


I've used texpoint without problems with Windows XP.

However I now got a new Windows 2007 IBM thinkpad X200 tablet and bought 
a new texpoint licence for it.

Downloading, installation, and registration seemed to be problemfree. 
However, when I try to make a texpiont display in Powerpoint everything 
also seems to be OK, until I push the  OK button in "New Latex equation" 
or when I push the "Make display" button in "New tex display". The 
either nothing happens, or I get a very miniature display on my 
powerpoint slide. If I then enlarge this display it is empty, except for 
sometimes some blueish color.

I'd be great if someone could help me fix this.

Holger Rootzen

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