[texpoint-users] image visibility problems

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Sat Jan 24 20:43:32 PST 2009


  Are you able to see the image if you change the image format (e.g., PNG,
outline)? Have you checked the output of TexPoint/Configure/Information to
see if the paths to Ghostcript are set properly? Finally, sometimes I have
seen this problem when somebody had some stale configuration entries in
texpoint.ini. You would see those as well in the output I mentioned above.
If you cannot figure this problem out, can you please send me that output,
perhaps I will be able to help. 


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> hi,
> I just downloaded and installed the latest version (3.2.1) of texpoint.
> I am using Windows Vista downgraded to XP OS. In preparation for using
> texpoint I had installed MikTex 2.7 and ghostscript 8.62.
> I am facing some problem while trying to create an image with math
> characters in it -- just the regular ones such as \alpha. The paths
> seem to be set fine because I get no error of that type. After I have
> typed in my latex text in the texpoint editor and click "make display",
> no image appears in the powerpoint file.
> On a positive note, I am able to open files that I had created earlier
> on a different computer using texpoint. The files appear as they should
> with the latex fonts in place.
> If someone has faced similar problems before or has any clue as to what
> might be going wrong, please let me know. I will greatly appreciate any
> help in this regard.
> Anureet Saxena
> anureet at yahoo.com
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