[texpoint-users] Missing Fonts in EMF

Goran Frehse goran.frehse at imag.fr
Tue Feb 10 06:19:10 PST 2009


I've been a happy TexPoint user with PowerPoint 2003 for years, but now 
we switched to PowerPoint 2007 (without installing TexPoint), and almost 
all equations are unreadable. It seems that the EMFs created by TexPoint 
are missing the proper fonts.
The fonts are properly embedded in the presentation, and all TexPoint 
characters inside normal text boxes are ok. Rather, it seems to be only 
the EMFs that have a problem. The TexPoint "special textbox" used for 
embedding the fonts seems ok, too.

I've reopened the presentation in PPT 2003 and converted the EMFs to 
bitmap, but then they are significantly smaller in size (I'd say 75% of 
original) and don't fit with the layout of the pages any more.

Do I have to manually go through dozens of presentations to convert the 
equations to bitmap and then manually resize them? (grasping for air)


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