[texpoint-users] Newcommand in initialization code

Hogan, Thomas A thomas.a.hogan at boeing.com
Fri Nov 5 11:13:53 PDT 2010

Has anyone ever had any luck using macros in the inline mode?  I believe I am doing exactly as in the manual, but cannot get TexPoint to recognize my macro.

For example, I go to TexPoint->Configuration->Preferences; select the "TexPoint initialization code" variable and type something like:


Into the "TexPoint initialization code" window.  I click "Apply".  Then I try using something like:

   Y\la X

In a "LaTeX equation" and I am told that "\la" is an "Undefined control sequence".

I've also tried putting the newcommand line into a text file and setting the filename as the "global" value of the "TexPoint initialization code" variable.

I've tried other syntaxes, such as: "\newcommand{\la}{\leftarrow}" but nothing seems to work for me.

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