[texpoint-users] Making TexPoint work on Windows 8

Jonathan Le Roux leroux at merl.com
Tue Jan 7 15:40:51 PST 2014

I recently had trouble making TexPoint work on a new laptop running 
Windows 8.1 (64 bit).
After some trial and error, I found that the pstoedit version that is 
shipped with TexPoint was the culprit, and needed to be replaced by a 64 
bit version. Note that I am using a 32 bit version of Ghostscript, as 
recommended by the authors.
The issue was that the version of pstoedit packaged with TexPoint hung, 
leading to a very very long initialization time every time you open a 
Texpoint display.

Here is what worked for me:
1) Install the latest pstoedit 64bit from the following link:
(Clicking on the link that says "binary for Windows 64 bit" on 
http://www.pstoedit.net/ did not work, so I suggest using the above link 
or using copy-paste in your address bar)
2) In TexPoint, in Configuration > Preferences > Pstoedit command, 
replace the default with "C:\Program Files\pstoedit\pstoedit.exe" (or 
wherever you installed the latest pstoedit)
Note that during my investigations, I also switched from the latest 
Ghostscript 9.10 to 9.02, but I don't think that was critical (and 
again, I'm using gs32).

I hope this helps someone.



Jonathan Le Roux, Ph.D.
MERL - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
201 Broadway, 8th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02139

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