[texpoint-users] Texpoint in Powerpoint 2010 64-bit

Thorsten Hehn thorsten.hehn at gmx.net
Sat Jan 25 02:15:47 PST 2014


I tried to get Texpoint running on a 64-bit Powerpoint 2010.
Unfortunately, I cannot see a Texpoint entry in the menu bar. When I
googled for this issue, I found in the Texpoint FAQ that it is not
possible up to now to run Texpoint in the 64-bit version of Powerpoint

Since I've been using Texpoint quite often, I find it annyoing that
there has been pusblished no workaround for this problem for a long
time up to now. Therefore my question: Are there ongoing activities
towards getting the plugin working on Powerpoint 2010 64-bit or did
you stop working on that?

Thanks in advance,

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