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 I do not have experience with this but I did not expect it work seamlessly.
To view a PPT presentation that contains Math charcters you need to have the
AMS fonts. PPT has the option to embed the fonts, but HTML does not. Your
viewers would have to install TexPoint at the very least. Then, there might
be problems as the one that you are seeing, when PPT produces non-standard


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I apologize if this question has been asked before.
When I save my PowerPoint presentation (Office 2003) into webpage (html),
the math characters (using TexPoint) can only be displayed correctly in
Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla (FireFox) or Safari. I tried use AMS
fonts or not in TexPoint. I also chose "embed true type fonts" from save
options in PowerPoint, and chose publish when saving as webpage (for more
browser support).  
I understand that this may not be directly related to TexPoint. In any case,
if anybody has experience with Powerpoint2003 +TexPoint, and can convert
their Powerpoint presentations to webpages that are supported by multiple
browser/platforms, I will be glad to hear any information you have. 
Thanks very much,

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